Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maker Mornings - Sat. May 15th

This past Saturday we held our May Maker Mornings brunch at my house.  It was a delight!!

We had a slightly smaller group show this month due to finals and graduations. Congrats grads!!
Words will not suffice so I have provided you with photos -

I made a strawberry & blackberry pie. My first ever...and it was divine!

I also made jam twists (plate on the right below).  I filled half with blackberry jam and the other with marmalade! D-LISH! 

A brunch wouldn't be complete without a morning cocktail.  Today's beverage was a refreshing sangria. 

- White Zin
- white grape juice
- fresh mango
- fresh strawberries

Mix ingredients and refrigerate for 30 mins to allow cooling and saturation of fruit.  The long it soaks the sweeter it tastes! 

And tea, naturally!

Now for some making!!

My friend Beth brought her 15 mo. old daughter Ruby along! Sweeter than pie, she is. Check out Beth's online shop, Salvage Life. Recently, Taylor Swift's wardrobe stylist has called on Beth to deck Taylor out in some Salvage Life duds for her tour.  She loved the clothes so much she's asking for more - to wear around town! Go Beth!!

Ashley, Paige and Jessi in the middle of making and talking and eating. Yum.

Don't miss our next Maker Mornings Brunch on JUNE 19th from 11am-3pm!!  Location TBD.
Contact for more information. 

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