Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've moved!

So...I've made the executive decision to export my blog to Wordpress.  I'm really happy with the new layout and I think I've just come to the conclusion that Blogger has always given me heck when trying to create a new post.  Editing was always such a pain. Amen?!

Thus, if you subscribe to my blog, check out the new location here and REsubscribe, if you so choose.

See you on the other side.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Avia" Maria

Yesterday, I tagged along with Eric to a group photo shoot for the Long Beach Wedding Collective at the AVIA Hotel in Downtown Long Beach.  It's tucked away amongst the shops and restaurants at The Pike near the parking structure.  We've passed by on our way to the movie theatre have often wondered about it.

Now I know...and I was not disappointed. It was super cute!
My friend Samuel is thinking about having his birthday party there - they have a rooftop bar pool with cabanas and a fantastic bar stocked with all the essentials - of course.  Click here for more photos from the Avia website.

Here are a few photos I took.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maker Mornings - Sat. May 15th

This past Saturday we held our May Maker Mornings brunch at my house.  It was a delight!!

We had a slightly smaller group show this month due to finals and graduations. Congrats grads!!
Words will not suffice so I have provided you with photos -

I made a strawberry & blackberry pie. My first ever...and it was divine!

I also made jam twists (plate on the right below).  I filled half with blackberry jam and the other with marmalade! D-LISH! 

A brunch wouldn't be complete without a morning cocktail.  Today's beverage was a refreshing sangria. 

- White Zin
- white grape juice
- fresh mango
- fresh strawberries

Mix ingredients and refrigerate for 30 mins to allow cooling and saturation of fruit.  The long it soaks the sweeter it tastes! 

And tea, naturally!

Now for some making!!

My friend Beth brought her 15 mo. old daughter Ruby along! Sweeter than pie, she is. Check out Beth's online shop, Salvage Life. Recently, Taylor Swift's wardrobe stylist has called on Beth to deck Taylor out in some Salvage Life duds for her tour.  She loved the clothes so much she's asking for more - to wear around town! Go Beth!!

Ashley, Paige and Jessi in the middle of making and talking and eating. Yum.

Don't miss our next Maker Mornings Brunch on JUNE 19th from 11am-3pm!!  Location TBD.
Contact makersleaguelb@gmail.com for more information. 


...is the most important meal of the day.  It's during this time, where I'm not especially hungry, the process and the smell of a home-cooked meal in the morning entices my tummy and tantalizes my tongue.

Every morning, I try to eat an energizing breakfast to start the day off right - otherwise, I'll be sluggish and moody all day and won't probably get much done.

Here are some samples of a healthy breakfast (minus the iced latte)...
This egg is atop a toasted & buttered english muffin. Typically I choose toast, but it was moldy so I opted for the english muffin which was delightful as well.

And here is an example of my spec-ial-itay! CREPES! 
In my family growing up, this was a weekend special. Mom would make them for me and friends who spent the night (who, I'm convinced, only spent the night knowing they'd get crepes for breakfast in the morning).  They come complete with sprinkled powdered sugar and lemon.  At our house, you roll them up like a burrito, sprinkle and squeeze once more, and then eat! 


To help it go down, fresh squeezed orange juice from my husband's grandparent's backyard! 
SO sweet! SO delicious!

With that, I'll send you off with a "Have a Nice Day!" and something pretty - 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Los Angeles, I'm Yours! Opening Party

Hi all!

WOW!! Ok! Let's catch back up on life. Here are some photos I took from the opening gallery party of the "Los Angeles I'm Yours" show and some from a couple days later (hence, the day light).

Throughout the week, I journeyed up to LA with Eric (otherwise it would have been a "husband who?" kinda week).  I got to get to know the Ted and Angie from Poketo, and Bobby Solomon from Kitsune Noir, and landed a helping hand setting up the show when needed. Eric provided the display props - crates, spools, drawers for shelving, rugs/afgans, benches, Jesus with antlers, etc., and also was able to put a few pieces of his own in the show last minute.  He had wanted to from the start but got so busy that it shifted in priority.  His pieces are shown in some of the photos below - small frames with a two-toned background exhibiting some sort of person or thing, some potted succulents in mugs and other curio (like a TonkaTruck), and wood wedges with set of silver balls atop.

Umami Burger was the breakfast/lunch/dinner of choice. It's right across the courtyard from the gallery at Space15Twenty and it's super delish.  If you like burgers, you'll LOVE these. My personal favorite is the Port & Stilton Burger.

Check it...

Eric has way better shots (photographically) on his blog

  Below are some photos from our little after-party after the opening.  My husband and I and a couple of our friends (Dave, Scott, Jody, Charlie, Danny) who ventured up to LA to attend, shimmied down the block to Stout for some more beers and burgers (as if we hadn't had enough at that point - ha!)

All in all, a successful event!