Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breakfast the most important meal of the day.  It's during this time, where I'm not especially hungry, the process and the smell of a home-cooked meal in the morning entices my tummy and tantalizes my tongue.

Every morning, I try to eat an energizing breakfast to start the day off right - otherwise, I'll be sluggish and moody all day and won't probably get much done.

Here are some samples of a healthy breakfast (minus the iced latte)...
This egg is atop a toasted & buttered english muffin. Typically I choose toast, but it was moldy so I opted for the english muffin which was delightful as well.

And here is an example of my spec-ial-itay! CREPES! 
In my family growing up, this was a weekend special. Mom would make them for me and friends who spent the night (who, I'm convinced, only spent the night knowing they'd get crepes for breakfast in the morning).  They come complete with sprinkled powdered sugar and lemon.  At our house, you roll them up like a burrito, sprinkle and squeeze once more, and then eat! 


To help it go down, fresh squeezed orange juice from my husband's grandparent's backyard! 
SO sweet! SO delicious!

With that, I'll send you off with a "Have a Nice Day!" and something pretty - 


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