Monday, March 29, 2010

welcome to the adventure

My husband and I have been working on a few small projects in and around the house lately. We like to change the space up a bit every now and then to freshen things up.
As my mother-in-law stated recently,
"I love going to your house because I can sit on the couch and look around at all the new things you've done to your place. It's always an adventure!"
(please take note: I am not a photographer)
we took these out of old kid's books and framed them.
The backyard in particular has been my husband's project. He made us a picnic table!
found vintage long filing drawers and planted succulents in them...
built a free-standing succulent stand....
and for when we have families over...and table for the kiddos!!!!
He's AMAZING, I tell you! Shear talent & skill!! Check out more of what he does on his site!
There you have it. I'm sure come summer we'll be tired of this arrangement and a whole new arrangement will be showcased!
Our home is home I enjoy coming home to.

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Cherry Tree Lane said...

I gather lots of comments on how often I switch around our house, but I like to. It keeps it fresh and new.
Love your succulent garden!