Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lookie lookie!

Hi again! It's been a while - I know. I haven't posted in anything in many many months, but now I'm working from home on a not-so-secret project (no - we're not having children) with my husband and I'm able to have more computer face-time. I'll be blogging more frequently to keep you all updated on the exciting adventures and projects I'll be coming up with daily. My husband and I have a slight fascination with succulents. It has been raining quite often here in Long Beach but the last few days have really brought out the beauty of spring a couple weeks early. Here are some photos I took of our flowering succulents from our backyard. (PS. I think my husband may have also posted his own photos of this very thing...) Enjoy -

I love the 2 photos above! In some of the pods you can see the flower's nectar pouring out as it opens to flower. I guess that's why they are called "succulents".

3 Responses:

Cherry Tree Lane said...

so beautiful! we live in Long Beach as well and our succulents are out of control right now. the perfect plant.

heather said...

they are the perfect plant! We're having so much fun with them! :)

studio.delucca said...

sweet! I love these growing things :)

your succulents look so beautiful and vital and.... well.... succulent