Wednesday, March 10, 2010

faux porcelain vases

My husband and I are in this mode of transformation with our home.  We like the way it looks currently but think there are things we could do to make it really look great.  Among a few other projects I'm working on comes a dainty little craft that is easy to do and can transform the look of a space instantly. 

Do you have a collection of vases you don't know what to do with like I do? Here's an idea! 

What you'll need:
Puffy Paint (any color will do - I had gold lying around)
Vases (I bought some from the local Assistance League for $.50 each)
Matte White Spray Paint

1) wash and dry vases thoroughly.
2) create your desired pattern on your vase with the puffy paint. 
3) let dry (I used a hairdryer because I'm impatient)

4) spray paint evenly, making sure you don't apply too much in one area.  if this happens, it will more than likely drip, or collect and crack.
5) reapply every few hours to ensure that the previous coat has dried fully.
6) ...and voila!

In all honesty, even though this project is very easy to accomplish, I found that keeping it from cracking and peeling was quite a challenge.  I tried changing up the room temperature they were drying in and how I washed and dried them before starting.  Once the conditions were laid out, it was clear sailing from there. 

If you decide to complete this craft, email photos of your finished product to and I'll showcase them on my blog in the near future.  :)

3 Responses:

ambercappello said...

UM I LOVE THIS! you are precious.

heather said...

do it and send me photos!!!! muahxo

MarcyG said...

i LOVE this too! wow. great idea!