Monday, March 15, 2010

3rd Annual Salton Sea Trip - 2010 Recap

Our annual Salton Sea trip was a success. About 20 of us camped under the stars. The New Camp campground location was closed due to state budget cuts but a mile down the road was another camping spot that we enjoyed just as well.  In fact, every morning we awoke to views of the water and a beautiful hillscape. 

Friday, we set up our campsites and chatted around the campfire until morning. 
On Saturday, we ventured to Bombay Beach for the best burgers in town at the Ski Inn and then explored the little town and it's haunting environment.  We continued down the road to Salvation Mountain to visit Leonard.  On our way back to the campsite, a few of us stopped along the way to do some more exploring.  We found an old abandoned warehouse where pigeons were flying all around inside and graffiti covered the walls. The boys found salvaged some scrap metal and iron, and Eric knocked off a rusted metal door in hopes of making a table out of it, but it ended up being too big to carry home along with our camping supplies.  Sad realization. We went back to the site and as soon as the coals were hot, started preparing Hobo Stew - our traditional Saturday night camping meal complete with every veggie imaginable, seasoning, spices, beer, wine (for some added flavor - see my previous post for the video). After our bellies had been filled, we continued enjoying each other's company by the fire, and one-by-one slowly crept to bed in preparation to start the long journey back home the next day...

(disclaimer: blogger wouldn't let me add text next to the photos after uploading them all.  Samuel Lippke will have amazing photos posted on his blog within the next few days so check back to get even BETTER shots of the weekend!!) 

Here are the photos I took from the trip. Enjoy!

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