Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the Blarney about St. Patrick

What many people don't know about the patron Saint of Ireland is that he wasn't Irish at all. He was English, and was captured by Irish raiders after the Romans withdrew from the UK.
He spent over 10 years in captivity until he escaped and fled back to England. In a dream, he heard God tell him to return to Ireland to save them from their pagan celtic culture and convert them to Christianity. So he did.
The shamrock was said to be used by St. Patrick to help explain the Trinity. That may be blarney as well but it is quite possible he did.
And it wouldn't be St. Patty's without a little Irish folk music... (she really gets going towards the end!)
Last night's floral design class was St. Patty's inspired as well. Not a fan of the cheesy plastic pot but it's the spirit of the day that makes it fun...

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