Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Hunt

Our plan was to wake up early, eat a yummy breakfast, grab coffee and head up to San Luis Obispo for another year of our annual Pumpkin Hunt. But after a long night of hosting my fabulous birthday cocktail party (entitled: Black Dresses & Bowties), we were barely able to roll out of bed by 10:00am. We rushed to get ready and headed out after about 45 mins. After a brief coffee stop, we were on our way. Eric and I love driving together. When we know we have a long ride ahead of us, we begin conversations about the most interesting things. I always think that I know most everything there is to know about him...until long car trips, where I am pleasantly surprised by how much I don't know and how much I get to know throughout the course of our lives together. We knew for sure our first stop was in Summerland, just south of Santa Barbara. Home to the most amazing sandwich ever created at Stacky's Seaside. The sandwich is called Loon Point. It encompasses your basic delicious turkey sandwich accoutrements PLUS fabulously melted jack cheese and juicy chile relleno and peppercinis! (not to mention my favorite condiment: mayo!) Last I had this sandwich, I literally went home and dreamt about it. (that is no lie, my friends. it's sick, i know) After lunch, instead of heading all the way up to SLO for pun'kins, we turned back down the highway and pulled in to Pete's Pumpkin Patch. Our late start disabled us from taking our original trip, but as you can tell...made no difference! Pete's was a HIT! It was actually a pretty anxious experience because every pumpkin was picture perfect...except the green one above. Legend has it that all the pumpkins with warts turn into witches on Halloween night because no one wants them (I just made that up, but I believe it..) (those green pumpkins are actually alien baby pouches) The final selection... there are a few star pumpkins hiding behind the big'uns. I got two smaller bowl-like punks because I have a great recipe for pumpkin soup with the pumpkins as the bowl. So festive! We grabbed In N Out (a non-negotiable on day trips) and headed south. Stopped by a few small towns on our way and did some antique shopping (obviously!). Eric bought me a vintage birthday sweater - it fits me PERFECT and has the most amazing closures! A star item for my wardrobe and I haven't taken it off since!! (photo to come) Once home, we dec'd the house with bows of pumpkins (fa la la la la....okkk), put on our jammies, and watched telly until our eyes closed. Hopped into our warm bed and said "nighty night" with a kiss. A very enjoyable birthday indeed. Hope you enjoyed as well. xo

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tara said...

what i want to see is a picture of the sandwich! ;)